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PN532 NFC module Reader/Writer (3.3V-5V)

SKU: NFC-PN532-131109

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PN532 NFC module, 3.3V-5V compatible


This module is totally compatible with 3.3V-5V Host interface. We added the 3.3V-5V logic level converter circuit on this board. It means you can connect it with 5V Arduino, 3.3V Arduino pro mini or other 3.3V-5V host boards through HSU, I2C, or SPI interface directly.The maximum communication speed to the host can get up to 5M HZ(The limitation of PN532).In addition, you can select the interface(HSU, I2C, SPI) conveniently through the on-board switch. There is a FTDI interface to connect with the FTDI cable, a I2C port which is convenient to use. All other pins of the PN532 is leaded out for you to design your own project, including the "NFC-WI/S2C" interface. We also added a RESET button on the board. It is useful when the communication meets problem and you want to reset the module without Power Off it. 



  • SIZE: 10.5cm*4.9cm
  • VCC: 3.3V-5.0V
  • Interface: I2C, SPI, HSU(3.3V-5V compatible)
  • On board Reset button
  • Pin pitch: 0.1 inch

Package List:

  • 1 x PN532 NFC module
  • 1 x S50 White Card
  • 1 x S50 Key Card